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POS Oilfields is a new start-up, having our principal offices in UAE, and having offices in Houston, TX USA to serve our global clients. Our prime responsibility is to create added value to our global clients in key regions like Middle East, Europe, Indian sub continent, and Africa, through representing quality and cost competitive products that exceed all your seismic requirements. Our mission is not only to deliver the RIGHT products but also provide a unique after service! A highly experienced management team together with knowledgeable customer service staff It is our mission to ensure that we deliver on both fronts and retain customer loyalty through this.

Geophones, cables and connectors

POS Oilfields has an exclusive arrangement with one of the premier geophone manufacturers, Dynamic Technologies, DTCC to market and support their quality products in key regions like Middle East, North Africa. DTCC is the manufacturer of the DT-SOLO geophones, the new industry standard for high sensitivity geophones. SOLO is high precision, low distortion and high sensitivity element with high spurious frequency which is typically greater than 240Hz. In addition, the SOLO has higher voltage sensitivity than any other geophone with the same coil resistance. The SOLO can be configured in standard land/marsh cases, or in a 3C land case, with a natural frequency of 5 or 10HZ. Based in Calgary, Canada, Houston, USA and manufacturing in Beijing, China. Dynamic Technologies manufactures and sells high quality Geophones, leader wire, digital cables, connectors, plastic and metal shell components for the Geophysical industry worldwide. The vast majority of our products are produced in DTCC’s manufacturing facilities based in China. Advanced equipment combined with low labor cost, exceptional R&D team as well as our highly efficient management and sales teams work together to provide our clients high quality products in a cost effective and timely manner. DTCC’s geophysical products are widely used by major Geophysical contractors around the world. Manufacturing Capacity DTCC Geophone Division designs and manufactures classic digital grade geophones and superphones. We have one geophone element production line and one geophone string assembling line. DTCC can produce 1.2 million geophone elements and 200,000 typical geophone strings per year. DTCC Cable Division designs and manufactures custom digital telemetry cables, complete line of geophone leader wire with stranded tinned copper clad steel conductors. There are two cable production lines and one tinned copper clad steel conductor production line. DTCC can produce upwards of 20,000 KM of typical digital cables and leader wire per year. DTCC can also produce 60,000 KM 19(7) strands tinned copper clad steel conductors per year. DTCC Connector Division designs and manufactures special connector products used in all types of environments. We have the capacity to produce 2 million Geophysical connectors per year. Our connector division also provides cable assembling service to furnish our customers a complete cabling solution. With 20 injection molding machines and 15 CNC lathes, DTCC Connector Division also manufactures customer specified plastic, rubber or metal shell components. After receiving drawings or samples from customers, our engineers can provide prototype products for customers ‘ inspection within 7 days for metal parts or 20 days for plastic or rubber parts. Quality With many years of experience in the Geophysical industry our management team at DTCC understands that quality is of the upmost importance. Quality assurance and quality control programs are applied to the entire process from R&D to raw material purchasing, manufacturing and packaging. These programs also require all technical and manufacturing documentations which are correctly filled and organized. We are able to track our projects with fine detail through our in process QC systems. For a complete product guide, visit our exclusive partners website for detailed information on geophones, hydrophones, cables and connectors. http://www.dynamictech.biz/index.html

Seismic Data Acquisition Equipment

POS Oilfields has multiple arrangements with some of the leading OEM’s of data acquisition systems. Whether your terrain demands cabled, cableless or nodal solution, we can provide you with the unique acquisition system to fulfill all your requirements. Whether it be on a rental, lease or outright purchase solution you need, our experts have over 30 years of experience to ensure you get the best deal to suit your cash flow. At this time we have access to over 2000 Aries II channels, and over 7,000 SN428 channels that is available for short term or long term rental or leases. Our Aries II equipment is in excellent condition, and has seen very little usage.

Processing Software

POS Oilfields has an exclusive arrangement with Parallel Geosciences, for all your field and office processing requirements. Extremely client friendly and working on multiple platforms, it offers a highly productive, cost competitive and reliable solution for all your processing requirements. Parallel Geoscience Corporation (PGC) was started in 1988 with the purpose of writting easy to use seismic processing software. At PGC, our mission is to provide seismic processing solutions to improve our customer’s productivity by enhancing their capabilities and knowledge. We strive to write the best seismic processing software solutions available and to provide these solutions at an affordable price. One of our primary goals is to provide superior customer support service. Another important goal is to increase the knowledge and usage of geophysics worldwide by working closely with academic and research groups and offering workshops at universities and conferences for geophysics students Seismic Processing Workshop (SPW) is our main product.The SPW software is an interactive seismic processing system. SPW is parallelized for use on multi-core processors with threads and also to run on distributed clusters with MPI on either Windows or Linux clusters. SPW can be configured for standalone use on workstations, desktop PC’s or laptops and may also be installed as a client-server configuration for large scale processing needs on distributed clusters. SPW Field QC Package The SPW Field QC package allows for rapid analysis and processing of data in the field. Recent improvements allow input in real-time from most of the major seismic instrument manufacturers with real time processing and analysis of data In addition we offer highly reliable processing solutions for 3C

Technical Auditing & QC / Consulting Service

POS has multiple arrangements with several renowned technical auditing and QC services providers, that cover all aspects of project design, start-ups, technical assurance, HSSE QC support and our experts provide reliable advise to land or marine seismic crews, to ensure that our clients achieve maximum productivity and helping overall profitability to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery. POS Oilfields Consulting USA specializes in a personalized relocation service to executives and management members who are moving to Houston, TX, USA. Our experts manage your overall relocation, to ensure a smooth transition to Houston for you and your family. From driving licenses, helping you to find the best real estate providers, to finding the best immigration lawyer, our resident experts stay with you through the whole process and accompany you through all this process. Our experts have themselves gone through this process and know all the areas where unnecessary delays can occur so our experts are with you through the whole eventful process.

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